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Places to celebrate Halloween

  • Glastonbury – it having the highest concentration of pagans in any one place in England, it comes as no surprise that Samhain is very popular here.
  • Whitby – Traditional hang out for Goths, owing to its association with Count Dracula. This, incidentally, reminds me of one of the bugbears I have with Dracula, the original Bram Stoker novel. If you were an aristocratic vampire, with a big castle, abundant wealth, three hot mistresses, and a nearby peasant population in case you needed a snack – why on Earth would you want to move to Whitby in North Yorkshire? I was discussing this in the pub the other day, and we came to the conclusion that Dracula moved to Whitby because they do nice fish and chips there – this being the only good thing they could think of saying about the town. Needless to say, Francis Ford Coppola spotted this plot-hole when he made his film version, but decided to reject the fish and chips angle and go with something implausible about searching for the reincarnation of Dracula’s long-lost lover. (But again: this begs the question – why did she reincarnate in Whitby, if not for the Fish Suppers?)
  • Cordoba, Spain. Apparently there is a bar called Oculto Cafe which as its name suggests is an occult-themed bar in Cordoba, which sounds like a nice place. Unfortunately, when I read a review about it, the reviewer got so freaked out about the “Satanic” decor that he forgot to say whereabouts in Cordoba it actually is! Fortunately this is not a problem for the resourceful magician like yours truly, as if I ever go there I will surely find it by using my powers of dowsing – either that or going on a pub-crawl of all the bars in the town just to check if it’s the right one.

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