The RAAGIOSL Working

An example of ceremonial magick

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This is a re-written version of the page which was originally published on my website. Unfortunately, due to the fact that my Hard Drive crashed roundabout the same time that I was planning a major revamp of my website – and also due in part to bit of negligence on my part – I found that I had lost the original version of this page. Luckily, however, I kept all my working notes, and the magical records from the original ritual: hence, the details, and the conclusions I have drawn therefrom have not changed in the slightest.   



This working came about as the result of my skryings into the Great Cross of the Enochian Tablet of Water. I had already skryed the 36 individual squares which comprise it, and gained a wealth of valuable information therefrom. However, I decided that to complete my work on the Great Cross, I should attempt to discover the nature of the King of the Water Tablet, RAAGIOSL (raagiosl).   

It so happened that I also felt a particular need at that stage in my magical career to practice the art of Evocation to visible appearance. I therefore decided that I would combine the two desires, and make raagiosl (pronounced: “Raägiosil”) the subject of my Ceremony of Evocation.   

What now follows then is an account of the Ceremony which I performed, together with an explanation of the principles and the psychic processes behind it, and a record of the results which I obtained. I have also included details as to how, if one were evoking a different being than raagiosl, one might change the details of the ceremony to suit. In publishing this record, I hope that by doing so I will be of assistance to those interested in this area of Enochian magick specifically, and in Evocatory magick generally.   


The Importance of Clairvoyance

Now when I first entered into the business of Enochian magic, I was under no illusions that a spirit would appear to photographable appearance. It defies common sense that such a gross break in the known laws of physics could occur, and besides, there is a long line of authority from Adepts through the ages suggesting that that is not what happens in any case. For example, Johannes Trithemius, Agrippa (or whoever authored the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy in his name), John Dee, Francis Barrett, in more remote times, and Charles Stansfield Jones more recently conjured spirits to visible appearance in a crystal ball or shewstone. Moreover, Dion Fortune explicitly stated that it is very difficult for spirits to appear at all on the physical plane, but easy for them to appear on the Astral – therefore, the magician should attempt to contact them there. Franz Bardon based his own method for contacting spirits on the magician first training himself to be clairvoyant. In modern times, there is the example of “Poke” Runyon who has made use of both a dark mirror and again a crystal ball.   

Clearly, based upon these examples, it would appear that what most certainly doesn’t happen is that Spirits appear out of thin air. Rather, they are evoked into a medium, such as a crystal ball, an obsidian disk, a magic mirror or even a thick cloud of incence – into which the Magician skries to see the spirit.   

I therefore decided that my approach would be to evoke raagiosl into the Triangle of Art with as much potency as I could muster, and then Clairvoyantly examine the Triangle to see what I could see. For several years I had been practising Clairvoyance according to a typical Golden Dawn method, that of skrying into the various Tattvas. I had also, however, been practising trying to see people’s Auras – a much different affair, as it involves skrying in no other medium than the space surrounding someones body.   



The King of one of the Four Enochian Watchtowers is a being whose name derives from eight central squares of the appropriate table. That is to say, at the intersection of the horizontal Linea Sancti Spiritus, and of the vertical Lineae Patri & Filii. Thus, in the case of Raägiosil, King of the tablet of Water:

  a a  
r s l g
  o i  

The name is read in a clockwise spiral, starting from the “r” on the left, around the outside, and ending with the central “l”. (“Raägiosil” by the way is the phonetic pronunciation of the name, according to the rules of pronunciation as laid down by the Golden Dawn). There are three important things to remember about the King of one of the Enochian tablets, according to the Golden Dawn point of view:   

  • The King is imagined as a being who bears the three Divine names associated with the table – in the present case, mph arsl gaiol – on a Banner.
  • The King represents the “Invoking Whirl” which provides the initial motivation to action of all the beings of that Tablet: although it is through the three Divine Names that those beings are then directed and controlled.
  • Astrologically, the King of each tablet is attributed to the Sun.


Preparatory Considerations

In Golden Dawn Evocatory Magick, the ceremony takes place within a magic circle. One essentially directs the bulk of the ceremony towards a Sigil or lamen which represents the spirit: as a result of which, the spirit itself supposedly appears (see above) in a Triangle of Art, which is set outside the circle.   

What was the Sigil that I was going to use? On one side was prescribed the design of the Hierophant’s lamen, thus:   

The back of the seal   

In the Appendix I include a description of what occurred when I tried skrying into this particular symbol.   

On the other side, enclosed within red lines, was the characteristic lamen of the Spirit. Now many spirits from old grimoires, such as the Lesser Key of Solomon, already have their own lamens or sigils specified. In other cases, the Golden Dawn itself laid down methods for composing Sigls. However, in considering the case of raagiosl, I realised that there was no obvious method for creating the Sigil of such an Enochian being.   

Thus, the only thing I could think of was to reproduce the actual squares from the Water tablet which made raagiosl‘s name, thus:  

The front of the Seal

The Seal of Raagiosil

Because this particular ceremony also consisted of invoking Macrocosmic forces (to wit: The Sun), I determined beforehand which direction the Sun would be in relation to my Sphere of Sensation. The Golden Dawn practice is to imagine the Tree of Life projected in a Sphere – the Middle Pillar is the axis, as well as being projected four times longitudinally on the Sphere’s surface, while the Pillars of Mercy and Severity are each projected twice on to the Sphere’s surface. The heavens are mapped onto this Sphere such that the Equator of the Sphere is the Ecliptic and passes through the four projected-Tiphereth points: Kether & Malkuth are the North & South Poles (of the Ecliptic) respectively.   

Therefore, the individual’s Sphere is aligned such that his Ascendant is figured as being Due East. The correct position of the Sun – and indeed all the other planets – can thus be worked out by drawing up ones own Horoscope, and aligning it with the Sphere as appropriate.   

My Temple consisted of:   

  • On the altar – the Elemental Weapons; the Sword; the Lamp; the Red Calvary Cross surmounting a white Triangle; burning incense sticks (plus ash-catcher) in place of a thurible; and the Tablet of Union.
  • Surrounding the Altar, a magic circle which I delineated with wire (mainly because that was what I had to hand). The Circle was approximately 12 foot in diameter.
  • In the four quarters, outside the Circle, the Enochian Tablets – i.e. Air (East), Fire (South), Water (West), and Earth (North).
  • In the West, just in front of the Water Tablet, the Triangle of Art. The reason I placed it here is that in the Golden Dawn it is placed in the quarter most associated with the spirit.
  • Finally, the Banners of the East and West in their appropriate places.

In regard to the Triangle of Art, I had been influenced by some of the writings of the Aurum Solis, in that I made it a 3,4,5 Right-angled Triangle. Along the Hypotenuse I wrote the name Primeumaton; along the 3-side, Anaphexaton; and along the 4-side, the Divine Name or names associated with the Spirit in question. In this case this was the Three Divine Names associated with the Water Tablet, mph arsl gaiol.   

I myself was dressed in the robes of a Hierophant: that is, over the robes of a Lord of the Paths of the Portal of the Vault of the Adepti, I wore a scarlet cloak which had a white cross on the left shoulder. Around my neck, suspended from a white collar, I wore the Hierophant’s Lamen – which is the same design as on the back of the Seal (see above). I was armed with my Lotus Wand.  

The Triangle of Art


The Ritual

The Ritual itself is adapted directly from the Golden Dawn’s “Z2” formulae, named after the document number in which they were described by the original order. These are the schemae which give the frameworks upon which Ceremonial Magick may be constructed – they are essentially methods by which the magical formulae of the Neophyte Ritual can be taken and adapted for practical purposes. The Z2 framework for Evocation can be found on pp380-4 of Regardie’s The Golden Dawn.   

Within the following description I will describe how I myself adapted this Z2 framework to the purpose of evoking raagiosl, although at the relevant points I shall attempt to indicate how the ritual may be varied for evoking other beings as well.   

Thus with the Temple arranged, and myself robed, as described above, I first spent some time meditating so as to compose myself. I then began the ritual proper:   

First, I opened with the Watchtower Ritual. This is best used for Enochian ceremonies – it is not really sensible to use it in any other context.   

Then I performed the Middle Pillar Ritual.   

Then I recited the appropriate Enochian Call. In this case, this was the Fourth Call, because this is the one attributed to the Water Tablet of which raagiosl is King:   

Adept: Othil lusdi babage od dorpha gohol: G-chis-ge avavago cormp P D ds sonf vi-vi-iv? Casarmi oali MAPM sobam Ag cormpo crp L: Casarmg cro-od-zi chis od vgeg, ds t capimali chis capimaon od lonshin chis ta L-O CLA. Torzu nor-quasahi od F Caosga: bable Zire Mad ds I od apila. Do-O-A-Ip Qaal, zacar od zamran obelisong rest-el aaf nor-molap.   

[Translation: I have set my feet in the South and have looked about me saying: Are not the Thunders of Increase numbered 33 which reign in the Second Angle? Under wholm I have placed 9-6-3-9 whom none hath yet numbered but One: In whom the second Beginning of things are and wax strong, which also successively are the Numbers of Time and their powers are as the first 4-5-6. Arise ye Sons of Pleasure and visit the Earth: for I am the Lord your God which is and liveth for ever. In the Name of the Creator, Move and Show yourselves as pleasant deliverers that you may praise Him amongst the sons of Men.]   

I then performed the Supreme Invoking Hexagram of Sol Ritual – i.e. because the King of each tablet is associated with the Sun. Obviously, another being would at this point be invoked with the Pentagram or Hexagram ritual appropriate for itself. For this Ritual, however, after opening with the Qabalistic Cross, I made the Solar Hexagrams towards the bearing where I previously determined the Sun to be (see above), vibrating ARARITA; then, tracing the symbol of Sol, I vibrated YHVH Eloah ve-Daath, and Raägiosil. I then finished with the LVX signs in the usual fashion.   

I then shrouded the seal in black, binding it three times with a cord. Then standing in the centre facing west, I announced the purpose of the Ceremony:   

Adept: raagiosl

Then, I formally admitted the seal to the circle: this corresponds to when the candidate for admission is brought into the temple. I placed the seal at the West of the Circle, and baptised it with Water and Fire, and again said: 

Adept: raagiosl

Now I placed the seal at the foot of the Altar (on the West), and going to the Throne of the East, I further articulated the purpose of the evocation. This speech is meant to specify what one hopes to accomplish by the ceremony; why the Adept is performing it (and why now; and finally asserting that the Ceremony Shall succeed.  

Adept: raagiosl ! I summon theee to appear. I wish to know the Mysteries of the Western Watchtower, and of the Great Cross thereof; to know the secrets of your own role, and your exalted nature; and to know the mysteries of mph arsl gaiol [i.e. the three divine names of the Water Tablet], and of the Seniors. Thus at length may I begin to understand the Mysteries of the Great Crosses of all the Watchtowers. I call upon thee now, for to do so is a necessary part of my work as an Adept, and it further enables me to do the Great Work, not only for my benefit, but also for that of the whole Universe. Therefore I declare that it is my True Will that raagiosl, that Shalt indeed be evoked by this ceremony. Amen. 

All is prepared for the commencement of the Evocation. 

I now placed the seal within the White Triangle upon the altar. Had raagiosl not been a “good” spirit that I was evoking, I would have place outside the triangle, on the western edge of the altar. Placing my left hand on the Seal, and with my right holding the Sword pointing up, above it, I assumed the form of my Holy Guardian Angel, and pronounced the following conjuration. Note the intensional similarity between this and the Oath of a Neophyte:   

Adept: I, Frater Justificatus, in the presence of the LORD of the Universe Who works in Silence and Whom naught but Silence can express, and in this Magic Circle, properly purified and consecrated by the rites already performed, do, of my own freewill, hereby and hereon, most solemnly exorcise and call forth raagiosl, the Great King of teh Western Watchtower. 

raagiosl! I do evoke thee, not merely for my own benefit, but on behalf of all those who are tue seekers of the Light of Divine Wisdom! 

raagiosl I charge thee to act in good fath towards me, and towards the sacred rites of magic. 

raagiosl, as a condition of evoking thee I do renounce all pride and vanity, and dedicate such spiritual benefit as I be allowed to attain from this operation unto the union of the Holy One, Blessed be He, and His Divine Presences, in love and awe, in the name of the whole Universe. 

raagiosl! I exorcise thee and call thee forth by the power of the most Holy Fourth Enochian Call, and by the invoking Solar Hexagrams, and by .’. my Holy Guardian Angel, and by EL the mighty God, and by mph arsl gaiol the three Mystical Names which Thou bearest upon thy banner. 

And furthermore I call upon these divine powers to ensure that I do not fall into such a state of passivity that any uninitiated person or power may cause me to lose control of my words or actions. 

raagiosl I do evoke theee purely as part of my labours in the Divine Science, in courage and determination. I proclaim that I dedicate all mystical knowledge I derive from this ceremony solely for the purposes of benevolent Magic. 

raagiosl! I call on thee to observe the sanctity of the Symbol upon this altar, and to appear now. 

And I call upon the Divine Guardians of the Order, who observed my own obligation as a Neophyte, to strike me down if I should ever falter from this Ceremony of Evocation, or from any of the conditions which I have undertaken upon myself in this, my most Solemn Magickal Oath. AMEN. 

Then, taking the Seal in my left hand, I smote it three times with the flat of the sword. Then raising both arms straight up, sword erect, I stamped three times with my right foot. I now placed the Seal at the Northern edge of the circle, and went to the throne of the East:  

Adept: The voice of the Exorcism said unto me, Let me shroud myself in darkness, peradventure thus may I manifest myself in Light. I am the only being in an abyss of darkness: from darkness came I forth ere my birth, from the silence of a deep and primal sleep. and the voice of Ages then answered unto the Exorcism, I am He that formulates in darkness – the Light that shineth in Darkness, yet the Darkness comprehendeth it not. 

The Mystical Circumambulation shall now take place in the Path of Knowledge that leadeth unto Light, with .’. my Holy Guardian Angel to guide us. 

Taking the Seal in my left hand, I circumambulated once, then came round to the South. Placing it on the ground, I “barred” its way, saying: 

Adept: Unpurified and unconsecrated, thou canst not approach the gate of the west. 

I purified and consecrated it with Water and Fire… 

Adept: Creature of Water, twice consecrate, thou mayest approach the gate of the West. 

Picking up the sigil, I circumambulated again once round and then came to the West. Assuming the form of my Holy Guardian Angel, I partially uncovered the Seal: and, smiting once with the flat of the blade… 

Adept: Thou canst not pass from concealment unto Manifestation, save by virtue of the Name ELOHIM. Before all things are the Chaos and the Darkness, and the Gates of the Land of Night. I am He Whose Name is darkness. I am the Great One of the Path of the Shades. I am the Exorcist in the midst of the Exorcism. Appear thou therefore without fear before me, so pass thou on. 

Reveiling the Sigil, I again circumambulated, and then came round to the North. Here I “barred”, then purified and consecrated the Seal in a similar to manner to what I had done in the south, i.e.: 

Adept: Unpurified and unconsecrate thou canst not approach the Gate of the East. 

Purify and consecrate… 

Adept: Creature of Water, thrice consecrate, thou mayest approach the Gate of the East. 

Again, picking up the Seal, I circumambulated and then came round to the East. I assumed the form of my Holy Guardian Angel, partially uncovered the Seal, smote it with the flat of the blade, saying: 

Adept: Thou canst not pass from concealment unto manifestation save by virtue of the name YHVH. After the formless and the Void and the Darkness, then cometh the knowledge of the Light. I am the Light which riseth in the Darkness. I am the Exorcist in the midst of the exorcism. Appear thou therefore in visible form before me, for I am the Wielder of the Forces of the Balance. Thou hast known me now, so pass thou on to the Cubical Altar of the Universe. 

Reveiling the sigil, I passed to the Altar and placed it within the white triangle – see note regarding this above. Standing east of the Altar and holding the Sword erect over the Sigil, I assumed the form of my Holy Guardian Angel, and again recited the Fourth Enochian Call – see above. [I here noticed that using the Enochian Call in this way proved to be very powerful. The magic power raised was very palpable.] Then: 

Adept: raagiosl, I conjure and evoke thee to visible appearance! By the power of .’. my Holy Guardian Angel! By the power of the Fourth Enochian Call! By the power of EL, mighty and powerful! By mph arsl gaiol, the three mystical names of God which Thou bearest on Thy Banner! By GABRIEL, the Archangel of Water! Appear now unto me, so that through me thy mysteries may be revealed unto mankind, and that God may be exalted in the highest heavens! raagiosl, I say, come! 

I raised the Seal to heaven, removing the veil entirely but not the cord. Crying with a loud voice: 

Adept: Creature of Water, long hast thou dwelt in darkness. Quit the Night and seek the day. 

I replaced the Seal on the altar, with the pommel of the sword immediately above it. 

Adept: By all the names, Powers, and Rites already rehearsed, I conjure thee thus unto visible appearance.
As Light hidden in the Darkness can manifest therefrom, SO SHALT THOU become manifest from concealment unto manifestation. 

Still standing East of the Altar, facing West, I picked up the Sigil. I contemplated the powers immediately superior to raagiosl

Adept: .’. My Holy Guardian Angel, fill me with thy power.
EL, mighty and powerful!
GABRIEL, Archangel of Water!
mph arsl gaiol, the Three Secret Names of God which govern the Western Watchtower!
By these powers and names may raagiosl manifest to visual appearance! 

Then, I placed the Sigil between the pillars, and from the East, I projected the whole current of my Will on it in the Sign of the Enterer. On temporarily exhausting, I made the Sign of Silence. It would have been appropriate to repeat this Contemplation and Will-projection up to three times, had it been necessary. 

I now looked over to the Triangle of Art, in the West, where I expected to see raagiosl appearing, even if only in hazy form. What I actually saw was what I fancied was a “Column of Force”… invisible yet like a distortion in the field of vision – and not connected with hot air from the incense or from the candle upon the altar. Several days later, I wrote in my magical diary:   

“On reflection I realise that the ‘invisible column’ appeared to refracting the thnigs behind it like a glass of Water. Without the Glass. I was therefore looking at a column of water.”   

The strange thing is that it did not occur to me at the time how like Water it was: ironic, given that it was the King of the Water tablet I was meant to be evoking! Nevertheless, I decided to proceed as if this Column were indeed raagiosl, or at least the closest it would be possible for him to manifest on the purely physical plane. 

Now that raagiosl had appeared, albeit in a hazy form, I purified and consecrated the Sigil a fourth and final time. I then removed the cord, and smote it with the flat of the sword, and said: 

Adept: By and in the names of .’. my Holy Guardian Angel, EL, GABRIEL, and mph arsl gaiol, I do invoke upon thee the power of perfect manifestation unto visible appearance. 

I circumambulated Three times, holding the Sigil in my right hand. Then, I placed it at the Western edge of the Circle, i.e. nearest to the Triangle of Art. I went back to the throne of the East, and fixed my attention on where raagiosl was appearing. 

Adept: I DO invocate and conjure thee, O Raagiosil. and being with power armed from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by .’. my Holy Guardian Angel; by all the powers of the Water, I do invoke thee, and by invocating conjure thee.
And being armed with power from the SUPREME MAJESTY, I do strongly command thee, by Him Who spake and it was done, and unto whom all creatures be obedient.
Also I, being made after the image of GOD, endued with power from GOD and created according unto His will, do exorcise thee by that most mighty and powerful name of GOD, EL, strong and wonderful; O thou Angel Raagiosil.
And I command thee and Him who spake the Word and His FIAT was accomplished, and by all the names of God.
Also by the names MPH ARSL GAIOL, El, Elohim Tzebaoth, and the Archangel Gabriel I do exorcise thee and do powerfully command thee, O thou Raagiosil, that thou dost forthwith appear unto me here before this Circle in a fair human shape, without any deformity or tortuosity.
And by this ineffable name, hwhy, do I command thee, at the which being heard the elements are overthrown, the air is shaken, the sea runneth back, the fire is quenched, the earth trembleth, and all the hosts of the celestials, terrestrials, and infernals, do tremble together, and are troubled and confounded.
Wherefore come thou, O Raagiosil, forthwith, and without delay, from any or all parts of the world wherever thou mayest be, and make rational answers unto all things that I shall demand of thee.
Come thou peaceably, visibly, and affably, now, and without delay, manifesting that which I shall desire.
For thou art conjured by the name of the LIVING and TRUE GOD, HELIOREN, wherefore fulfil thou my commands, and persist thou therein unto the end, and according unto mine interest, visibly and affably speaking unto me with a voice clear and intelligible without any ambiguity. 

NB: This conjuration I adapted from the Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon. The wording has been changed slightly, to reflect the specific nature of the spirit being evoked, and the fact that raagiosl is not technically a Goetic spirit per se. This conjuration is here used to make sure that raagiosl now became visible and audible. I could still see the Column in the West, so I proceeded on the basis that this was indeed the case. Hence, I proclaimed: 

Adept: raagiosl has been duly and properly evoked in accordance with the sacred rites!
“And the Elohim said, Let us Make Man in Our own image, and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea.” Therefore I do invoke and contemplate all the Divine and Holy forces of the plane of Water. By EL, strong and powerful! GABRIEL, Archangel of Water! mph arsl gaiol, the Three Secret Names of God which Thou, o raagiosl bearest upon thy banner! By the power of the Fourth Enochian Call! I dedicate these Names and Powers to the Highest that thou, O raagiosl shall perform what I ask of Thee! 

The purpose of the above speech is two-fold. It is an invocation to the forces of the plane from which the Spirit comes, in order to compel it to be obedient to the magician. But it is also a means of testing the Spirit. By carefully observing the Spirit whilst pronouncing the various Divine Names, one can determine whether in fact it is the right spirit, and not some astral interloper. Had it not been the real raagiosl appearing before me, the spirit would have appeared troubled, or the vision would have disrupted itself. One should never converse with any spirit unless and until one is satisfied as to its identity. Fortunately, the apparition in the Triangle of Art did not appear to be troubled, so all seemed well.  

I now addressed raagiosl on a number of questions – i.e the reason for evoking him in the first place. 

First: What is the role of the King of a Watchtower in Enochian Magic?   

“To rule” came the reply. And what of raagiosl‘s own nature?   

At this, the image of Neptune appeared: the Roman God of Water, and King of the Sea. It was as if the message I was getting was Neptune is raagiosl – and all the various se creatures who are Neptunes servants are the beings of the Western Watchtower.   

Moreover it appear that the other major Roman Goads are the Kings of the other Tablets, i.e.:   

Jupiter – the Sky God – Air – bataivah   

Hades – Underworld – Earth – iczhhcal   

Hephaestus (should be called “Vulcan” if talking Roman) – the Forge – Fire edlprnaa.   

“Vulcan” struck me as unusual – but it appeared that if this was not the most obvious fiery god, then it was actually Roman Mythology’s fault for not according edlprnaa his proper place in history.  

I then asked: What is raagiosl‘s role in the Book of Revelations?   

Surprisingly, the answer I seemed to receive was not the Eagle like animal around the throne, but the instances of Water being used by the Angels in the purification of the Earth – the tribulation which gets rid of evil and makes way for the virtuous.   

What is the Role of the Seniors?   

The Seniors praise God, and articulate the Will of the One.   

I should point out that this whole conversation took place in a clairvoyant or clairaudient kind of fashion. So for example when I say “Neptune appeared…” I mean that whilst concentrating on the Triangle of Art, and formulating the question, the image of Neptune at that point cropped up before my mind’s eye; The spoken words appeared in my thoughts; etc etc.  

When I was satisfied that I had completed my business with raagiosl, I addressed this valedictory instruction to him: 

Adept: raagiosl! By that same power by which I have called thee forth, I charge thee neither to hurt or injure me, or anyone or anything connected with me or with this place. By the power of the God AEMETH, may I and all those who hear thy words be free from deception and misunderstanding. 

The License to Depart (again, adapted from the Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon): 

Adept: O thou raagiosl, because thou has diligently answered unto my demands, and hast been very ready and willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. Depart, then, I say, and be thou very ready to come at my call, being duly exorcised and conjured by the sacred rites of magic. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably and quietly, and the peace of GOD be ever continued between thee and me. AMEN! 

raagiosl should now “dematerialise” and withdraw. This may take a few minutes. Assuming He does, close by performing the LBRP and BRH. Then and then only is it permissible to quit the circle.



A Clairvoyant Investigation of the Hierophant’s Lamen   

I visualised the negative of the Lamen: a red disc, surrounded by a grean border, with a green Rose-Cross in the middle. I “projected” myself into it. I made the Opening Portal gesture, and vibrated YHVH Eloah ve-Daath, and Raphael – I also made LVX signs and vibrated IAO   

I first saw a swirl of pink and gold (cf Tiphereth) – then a countryside landscape, with grass and trees. Various animals – rabbits, bears, eagles, etc. Except for the sky, which ocnsisted of the swirl of colour which I first saw, everything was their natural colour.   

A rabbit came along – it tested badly by signs. A hazy indistinct rougly anthropoid shape appeared – it was a blaze of colours – and did test well by signs and names. However I thought it had got the L of LVX the wrong way round. So I made a pentagram at it – then I realised my mistake and called it back. Doh!   

It gave its name as “Silence” and made the sign of Silence Without.   

I asked it what all this meant. It said the scenery represented Manifestation – this is why the Lamen is used in an Evocation ceremony. Also in the Neophyte ceremony itself – to Manifest the desired qualities in the candidate.   

However, the scenery also represented the contents of my Imagination. In effect, an evocation ceremony consists of bringing the content of my imagination into manifestation. Though this is not to say that the forces are thereby fictitious.   

I realised I had stumbled ont (One of) the Mysteries of Crucifixion – the Spiritual Experience of Tiphereth. The Hierophant is sacrificing himself – that is to say, sacrificing forces from his imagination – in order to bring the desired effects into existence – hence they key to a successful operation is to to approach it in a spirit of self-sacrifice. This is the basis of the Evocation; also of the Neophyte ceremony (Hierophant sacrifices himself to make candidate a Neophyte); it is not stretching things to say it is the basis of Magick and the Great Work generally.   

Extending this Sacrifice / Evocation idea further, it follows that Jesus by His Crucifixion was bringing something into the World. But What? Presumably it was the power that would make His teaching the most influential in the world, lasting at least 2000 years (and its influence reaching beyond those who had stopped practising the religion or didn’t anyway).   

“Silence” pointed out that this was a Mystery of Crucifixion – not the only one.   

I then left this plane. I thanked “Silence”e; as appropriate. He said: “May you subconscious be perfectly fitted for the task.” (i.e. of Magick and Evocation). Returning to the mundane plane, I performed the Middle Pillar Ritual before returning to my body. Closed with the Sign of Silence.

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