Revelatio Revelationum

“The Revelation of Revelations”

This relates to something which occurred whilst I was recently skrying into the Great Cross of the Western Watchtower but is curious enough to deserve a separate essay in its own right. During my skrying, I received a strange message, for which there is no precedent within published work on Enochian Magick of which I am aware. I am yet to work out the full implications hereof, but at first sight it appears to be an indication for a major new direction in Enochian Magick, and indeed Magick generally.

I call the subject of this message “Revelatio Revelationum” the Revelation of Revelations i.e. a play on the title of the New Testament book of the same name. This is a theory, the core of which is this:

The Book of Revelations has been consistently misinterpreted for nigh on 2000 years, i.e. practically from the time it was first written, or when its existence first became publicly known.

I will illustrate what I mean by going through some of the things that have been said about this book through history.

  1. There is a certain minority of Christians which believes that the Book is literally true. They believe that the Great Beast, the Whore of Babylon, the Antichrist, etc are or will be actual individuals. The battle of Megiddo (Greek: “Armageddon”) will actually take place in the Megiddo Mountains in Israel. The various cataclysms described are real life disasters, either natural or man-made (e.g. a nuclear war), some of which have already occurred, thereby indicating the start of the end-times. All these literal interpretations are false!
  2. There are certain other people, who whilst not taking Revelations literally, nevertheless focus quite aberrantly on certain passages, e.g. Revelations 13:18. I wish to be tactful here because many of them are occultists who might be reading this page – save to say that this is not the correct interpretation either.
  3. There are others who take a more scholarly view on the subject: pointing out that Revelations refers metaphorically to events that were contemporary to the time it was written: e.g. the dangers posed by various heresies and cults, such as the Nicolaitans; that it refers to the persecution by the Roman empire; that “666” refers specifically to the Greek Isopephos of “Nero Caesar”. There may be strong arguments to say that eschatological literature such as Revelations is really meant to comfort the contemporary audience – but even this fails to consider the “real” reason for the book’s existence – by “real” I refer to the theory of Revelatio Revelationum which I shall fully explain below.
  4. Finally, there are people who don’t understand it, and therefore don’t attach any importance to it. This is wrong as well.

The explanation offered to me during my skrying was that the real meaning of the Book of Revelations is that in effect it is the magical record of someone who undertook a specific mystical exercise. A Mystical Exercise which has not heretofore been given any consideration, either by the Christian Church or by the Western Mystery Tradition.

It is now generally known that in the Old Testament, the Prophet Ezekiel was actually undergoing what is known as “Merkavah” i.e. Chariot Mysticism. Moreover, there is a respectable body of writing on Merkavah, by scholars of Jewish Mysticism, e.g. Gerschom Scholem. I have even seen some discussion of trying to incorporate it into the Hermetic tradition. What these people have failed to consider is that there is a separate Mystical Practice, not based on anything in the Old Testament, like Merkavah is based on Ezekiel: but this later Practice is of the New Testament and its corresponding era, which is that of the last two thousand years up to the Present day. That practice is quite explicitly described in the Book of Revelations.

I have tentatively made a framework of what that Practice specifically is:

  1. First, evoke the “Son of Man”. The Son of Man is the divine Messianic figure of the Book of the Prophet Daniel: it is how Jesus referred to Himself in the Gospels, and the early Christian would have understood it as such. It seems appropriate therefore to ascribe the Son of Man to Tiphereth.
  2. Then, evoke the Seven Angels of Assiah. The exoteric Revelations refers to the Angels of the 7 Churches of Asia, but even Macgregor Mathers thought that esoterically this actually meant Assiah, the lowest of the four Qabalistic Worlds. Unfortunately, Mathers did not expand upon this theory (at least as far I know), otherwise he and not me might have discovered “Revelatio Revelationum”! In any event – the purpose of the summoning these seven Angels is quite clear – the Seer discovers what he must do to purify or otherwise cleanse “Assiah” at least as it applies to his life. Assuming he is successful, the seven Angels, under the presidency of the Son of Man, become guardians, as he undertakes the next step:
  3. The Seer rises in the spirit up to the highest heavens, where he performs a meditation similar to something from Tibetan Buddhism. To wit, he meditates on the Seniors and the Four Kerub-like Creatures as a kind of Mandala, which has as its centre “The One who Sits on the Throne”. The Mandala is far more than a mere visualisation, as while the Seer constructs his vision he is contemplating each element. This where Enochian Magick comes in, for as we shall see below we are given a method of coming to know the qualities of each of the twenty four Seniors. Note how the Mandala is in three-rings: the outer, the 24 Seniors; middle, the Four Animals; inner, “the One”.
  4. The culmination of meditating on this Mandala, as it would be in Tibetan Buddhism, is to “offer it up”: the Seer then ascends into the Centre of the Mandala, which is equivalent to Kether, and communes with the Highest form of Godhead.
  5. The Seer may afterwards experience prophetic visions as a result of his spiritual endeavours.

I should conclude by saying that my theory of Revelatio Revelationum is a work in progress – I am currently using it as the basis of a “Rising on the Planes” type Ritual. Early indications show that it does indeed work, in the sense that it leaves one feeling spiritually exalted. The feeling strongly reminds me of when I invoke my Holy Guardian Angel: and yet I have not experienced a fraction of the possibilities that are capable of being afforded by this theory.

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