General Election 2019: the Autopsy

In a previous post on this website, I attempted to predict the results of yesterday’s General Election 2019. My conclusion on reviewing what I wrote is that the information is all there in the stars: however there were a lot of factors at play apart from how the Transitting Planets affected the Natal Horoscope’s of the various Parties’ Leaders. This is a convoluted way of saying that many of my predictions were inaccurate – though not all of them were. For the sake of honesty and the integrity of Astrology itself, I shall attempt to dissect what I wrote, so that we may all learn something from this (and by “we” I mainly mean me).

Boris Johnson – Conservatives

The Conservatives won the election with an absolute majority of 79 (nb: this was written whilst there was still one seat left to declare), although given that Sinn Fein never take up their seats in the House of Commons even though they have seven of them, this effectively makes the Conservative majority 86. Their share of the vote was 43.6% – obviously an all-round improvement since the 2017 election. Boris Johnson himself held on to his own seat.

What I said:

He is going into this election feeling confident (he starts the campaign ahead in the opinion polls). However, he is experiencing over inflated feelings of importance, which cause him to over-reach. He will be prone to making miscalculations based on an avoidance of critical details. He will experience loss – travelling around the country or attempting to deal with religious people is not a good idea. It will not be a good time for domestic affairs or legal disputes.


Johnson is also likely to go through a period of erratic behavior: so much so that it loses him votes amongst young people – or he will have a major bust-up with younger members of his team.

This is essentially what happened: for example, his obstinacy in not engaging in the climate change debate, or allowing himself to be interviewed by Andrew Neill, or even FridgeGate. The only divergence between the astrology and the election result is that Boris’ misfortunes, although they occurred as predicted, were not enough to make a dent in his party’s results – i.e. he may have lost votes amongst young people, but the old people still kept him in power.

Jeremy Corbyn – Labour

Labour retained their position as the official Opposition Party, but lost 59 seats, taking their total down to 203. They also saw their share of the vote decrease – the only one of the main political parties to suffer this particular misfortune. Jeremy Corbyn held on to his own seat, but announced he would resign as party leader at an unspecified time before the next general election.

What I said:

Corbyn’s wish to be independent, to try new things, and so on comes at an inappropriate time and could cause real tensions amongst his colleagues. He might make embarrassing errors, neglect important details, or carry some delusions now. Corbyn will have difficulty in putting himself across well to others. He is also more sensitive emotionally, and may be prone to being misled.

This fits exactly with the debacle over (alleged) anti-semitism in the Labour Party.

However, Corbyn’s relationships with other people will improve and he will experience a time of rising personal popularity. His passion will come to the fore, and he can expect this to be a productive time for when his own plans advance, and realizing his dreams. Legal disputes he will be able to resolve mostly in his favour (contrast this with Johnson).

Corbyn will see the things holding him back leave his life. His reputation will receive a boost, and the Labour party itself may see new financial support from donors thanks to Corbyn’s influence.

This may yet prove to be true, however it will be thanks to Corbyn losing the Election and resigning as Labour leader, not the opposite way around. “Corbyn will see the things holding him back leave his life” implies that the leadership of the Labour party was in fact a job to which he was not well-suited, and he is now well rid of it.

Jo Swinson – Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats remained in fourth place after the Scottish National Party, and even saw their share of the vote increase (see below). However they lost one seat – ironically, it was Jo Swinson herself, who has since said she will be resigning as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

What I said:

However there are some warning signs, e.g. transitting Neptune opposite her natal Mars warns against being overly optimistic. Also, the Pluto, Saturn and Venus Stellium is square to her natal Pluto, signifying unpleasant power-plays with those close to her, whilst Jupiter square to her natal Moon shows dissatisfaction with her personal circle. The danger is that although Swinson will do as best she can, probably causing a net increase in the Liberal Democrats’ fortunes, there will be some in her party who will think this is not good enough and attempt to stab her in the back in the election’s aftermath.

Ironically, the Liberal Democrats’ fortunes did increase. According to results published by BBC News, the Liberal Democrats’ share of the popular vote increased by 4.2% (i.e. from 7.3% in 2017 to 11.5% in 2019). Obviously this did not translate to electoral success either for her party or Swinson herself. The unpleasant power-plays may well have been reflected in the fact that her voting record as a member of the Coalition between 2010 to 2015 was dug up to embarass her. The overall implication of the stars is that although Swinson has now exited British Politics, she was mostly let down by members of her own party.

Ian Blackford – SNP

The Scottish National Party (SNP) remained in third place: Blackford himself held on to his own seat.

What I said:

This is a potentially empowering time for Blackford when his personality is more vibrant, magnetic, focused, and resolute. He projects a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. We feel considerably more mature and capable of handling our personal lives. Social functions and artistic endeavours go well. Blackford is more likely to be received well on Election Day than on other days.

This turned out to be a good call for the SNP, which increased its seats and its percentage of the vote. The media would like to think Nicola Sturgeon was responsible for the SNP’s success – even though she wasn’t actually standing in this election: however, if she can take credit for anything it is for having the good sense to appoint talented people to her team. One of my other predictions was that Blackford might be involved in an accident of some sort, but this is not reported to have happened – yet…

Nigel Dodds – DUP

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party lost two MPs, and saw their share of the vote decrease by 0.1%, actually quite a lot for a small party.

What I said:

Ironically however, the planets are indicating that he will feel the need to reform himself and his ideas – hence changing the political direction of the DUP. For example he will experience dissatisfaction with the DUP’s accomplishments to date, and hence seek advice and new ideas, and implement them – in a way he would not have done so before. By embracing change, he will be able to resolve a potential power struggle harmoniously.

This came to pass – the DUP’s Nigel Dodds lost his own seat! The DUP did badly generally, and moreover, since the Conservatives disobeyed what the Stars were telling them and went and won a majority, they are no longer the power brokers at Westminster. I am confident the reform of the DUP will go ahead as I predicted in the light of their drubbing.

Nigel Farage – BREXIT Party

The BREXIT Party returned no MPs but it did win 2% of the vote.

What I said:

There is an overwhelming message in Farage’s planets that he can achieve great things so long as he does not try to cling on to policies which are old-fashioned or out-dated.


Brexit Party to do well – at least in terms of number of votes. I have noted before though that this does not mean they will translate this into a gain in seats.

This indeed came to pass as well. Given that the Brexit Party did not exist at the last election, it could only gain votes – but it did not gain any seats. The BREXIT Party came in just behind the SNP in terms of votes’ won, and ahead of the DUP, SDLP, Alliance Party, Sinn Fein and Plaid Cymru, each of which did return MPs. The BREXIT Party in fact suffered the same fate as UKIP did at the last election – which Farage also headed – in that because there support was distributed over a large area, they did not do as well as a parties which only campaign in a region, such as Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. Farage’s horoscope has many beneficial features, so it would appear that he is wasting his talents at least with regard to the House of Commons.

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