Review: “Archangels of Magick,” by Damon Brand

I was surprised by how powerful the magick contained in this book actually was. I admit I have been wary of occultism contained in mass-market paperbacks, having had low opinions of Finbarr Books and Parker Publishing and the like. However: whilst reading this book, and especially examining the methods of invocation and evocation, I became convinced that the formulae which Damon Brand describes actually work. This may be because he describes them as being derived from “Shorshei Ha Shemot,” a very hard-to-come-by Qabalistic text, and other obscure tomes which only Masters of the Holy Name are said to be able to use.

In one sense I find it disturbing, because my first reaction is how can such potent magic be published in a book for public consumption? Is it not like giving babies nitro-glycerine with which to play? Nevertheless, me and a group of magicians have been adapting some of the rituals here for use in ceremonial magic, and to good effect. It also inspires me to go search out Shorshei Ha Shemot et al for deeper research, on the supposition that there is far more within the Hebrew Qabalah without having to go outside it to Hermeticism. Possibly not what Damon Brand intended, but for me it is a happy side-effect.

Archangels of Magick: Rituals for Prosperity, Healing, Love, Wisdom, Divination and Success by Damon Brand – available on Amazon.

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