Why people rely on fortune telling

I have found that there is one common characteristic of people who often consult fortune tellers. They repeatedly go to these places until they are told good words.


donga.com[English donga].


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3 responses to “Why people rely on fortune telling

  1. Oh, yes, absolutely 😉 I once advertised a workshop for the Tarot as a spiritual tool, called ‘Tarot for Transformation’. The flyer clearly stated the workshop had nothing to do with divination. People still rang wanting a reading. and one lady insisted she be allowed to come along so i could tell her ‘some good things would happen’. All she wanted to do was have someone tell her that life would improve. Period. She kept ringing back until I was very rude. It was quite sad :/

  2. That is sad, Peregrin. The tarot is an excellent tool for self-exploration and understanding the changes one moves through at a subtle level. These poor, desperate souls are content to give their power away and leave their fate in the hands of other (sometimes disreputable) people. I would love to see tarot readings that involve the querent in the outcome, ie, help them to come to their own conclusions and tap into their own inner-knowing. A little like the “Gestalt” style of reading tarot, I guess.

  3. I remember the last time I tried to give someone else a tarot reading. The querent had already decided what the correct answer was, and just wanted me to confirm it! Needless to say, the cards were not willing to co-operate. 🙂

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