All in your head…?

Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune

Every once in a while, I come across someone who claims that Dion Fortune once said that Magick consisted of causing Willed Changes in consciousness. I personally have two problems with this, to wit:

Firstly, every time I challenge the person saying so to quote where Dion Fortune actually said this, I don’t get an answer. I have read just about all of Dion’s books, and I have never seen the quote myself, so I am wondering if this is not just an urban myth along the lines of the Jesus=Horus story, or the Third Vatican Council meme. As far as I’m aware, Donald Michael Kraig first made the claim in Modern Magick, and the story has taken off from there.

Secondly, and more importantly, even if it is true, what a lot of people do not get is that it certainly does not mean that Magick only takes place in the imagination and nowhere else – and Dion Fortune would certainly have never claimed such a thing herself. How do I know this? Because it is on record that Dion Fortune was a firm believer in telepathy. Hence, Dion would be of the opinion that if you make the right change in consciousness, this would lead, via a process similar to telepathy, to objective results in the world at large. This was essentially her rationale for such magickal workings as those described in (e.g.) The Magical Battle of Britain.

Hence, beware someone claiming that magick is “all in your head,” or words to that effect. It’s neither “all in your head,” nor is it “all in your head.” I personally have seen enough freaky coincidences to have my own evidence of its objectivity.


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3 responses to “All in your head…?

  1. Funny thing about magical stories they do tend to become true even when they were a lie. For example, Westcott having to resign because of the documents in a taxi was not true. It was made up by Crowley and Mathers. I like it when stories about events I took part in become changed. Still I am wondering about the DF quote too.. where i might have heard it.

  2. Samuel

    Great points here Alex. It is amazing how many people actually think that “magick is all in your head” make comments about it. What it really shows me, based on my experiences in magic, is that it is most certainly NOT in your head.

    I suppose that most of those that make comments like what you are responding to are from nothing more than what most call “armchair magicians” – that is those people that like to read magical texts, discuss magical techniques, expound on how magic works, yet have never performed the first magical act whatsoever.

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