Public Challenge to David Griffin

First written some eighteen months ago when the Chrysi Augi ((literally: “Golden Dawn” in Greek) were first elected to the Greek Parliament. Now it seems that others in the GD community (e.g. here and here are waking up to the potential for damage that the Greek extreme right-wing party hold over the (magical) Golden Dawn community.

Sol Ascendans - The Website of Alex Sumner

Stop all your verbal attacks against Chic, Tabby, Nick Farrell, Pat Zalewski, the SRIA and all the rest, and use your supposed EU trademarks to stop the neo-nazis in Greece from bringing the “Golden Dawn” name into disrepute.

If you want to be remembered for doing something good for the Golden Dawn community, that is.

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6 responses to “Public Challenge to David Griffin

  1. This is an excellent idea, assuming you are planning to pay for the litigation!

  2. I don’t know if EU law is different, but in the USA, an undefended trademark lapses.

    • davidgriffin

      Let us be clear about this. I stand firmly with Alex Sumner, Nick Farrell, and Donald Michael Kraig in sharing their concern about our beloved Hermetic tradition being confused with Greek ultra-nationalism.

      As a matter of fact, when Alex first proposed this idea last year, I sought legal advice about the possibility of successfully pursuing trademark litigation in the EU.

      The legal reality is far more complex than Alex suggests due to the intricacies of EU trademark law, including the limitation of trademark protection to the actual categories of registration. The sort of infringement litigation Alex suggests would not only be extremely expensive. It is also be quite likely to fail.

      I can understand how Alex could not resist taking a snipe at me in this post. It is sadly, however, just the latest round in the sort of internet sniping at one another that has plagued our Golden Dawn spiritual community for two decades now and has ALREADY harmed our community in the public mind a great deal.

      The threat posed to the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition by confusion with Greek ultra-nationalism is a common problem that unites us all – an outside threat that we must ALL face down TOGETHER.

      Let us face down this threat with one UNITED voice – and end internet sniping at one another once and for all!

      – David Griffin

      • David,

        What a load of crap you do talk! I have just this moment nipped over to your website, and I note that there is a large section in the right side-bar entitled “Top 10 Posts of All Time.” Of these all but three are defamatory, low-grade, codswallop of the very kind you purport to condemn, which one would have to be paranoid to the extreme to actually believe. (One of the three others wasn’t actually written by you but by Sincerus Renatus, so that might explain somethings). Meanwhile you also maintain links to that bullshit about Satanism and SRIA and other posts which you use to attack other members of the GD community.

        “End internet sniping once and for all?” Why not try leading by example!

        Incidentally, trademark litigation is expensive whomever you happen to be suing, whether that be the Chrysi Augi or a Golden Dawn order whom you don’t like. (It’s not as expensive as deleting every offensive post from your website. Hint. Hint.) But thank you for admitting that you would only consider enforcing your trademark against other Golden Dawn orders rather than using it to combat the forces of evil.

  3. GN

    Mr Griffin is guilty of hypocrisy. There are several posts on his HOGD blog in which he attempts to link other GD and rosicrucian groups with fascism, two of which are tagged with “chrysi avgi.” Another post contains the comment “as our Imperator [i.e. David Griffin] has pointed out, [a named rosicrucian order] and Chrysi Avgi have much in common.” Griffin responded to the comment but did not deny that he had made that connection. Rather than facing down the problem he is encouraging readers of his blog to connect the magical GD and rosicrucianism with a repulsive political ideology. So long as these and similar posts remain on his blog he is not addressing “[t]he threat posed to the Golden Dawn spiritual tradition by confusion with Greek ultra-nationalism,” he is simply adding fuel to the fire.

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