Jimmy’s A Vile…

Over here in Britain, everyone’s gone sex-mad and not in a good way. First there was a notorious story of a teacher who ran off with a 15 year old school-girl. Then there was the revelations about the deceased disc jockey Jimmy Savile who it is claimed had a fondness for girls who were not legally competent – either by reason of age or physical disability. Now the can of worms is well and truly open and it seems that every person in broadcasting, alive or dead, who ever had a peccadilo is having their past come back to haunt them.

What is wrong with Britain? And why is it happening now?

It occurred to the Sumner Family Brain Cell to look to the stars for guidance. The Jimmy Savile story first broke on 30th September 2012 in the form of publicity for a forthcoming reveal-all documentary. At the time, Venus, the planet of relationships, was in opposition to retrograde Neptune, the planet of deceit and shameful cover-ups. Meanwhile, square to both of them (and thus making a T formation) was Mars, the planet of widespread public anger. Venus was thus challenging Mars to stir it into action; Mars was challenging Neptune. If only one more planet moved into formation, then there would have been a Grand Cross, a pattern associated with all hell breaking loose.

The Grand Cross occurred on 3rd October 2012, when the Moon duly obliged. Coincidentally this was the same day that the exposé about Jimmy Savile aired on ITV.

Chart drawn up for 3rd October 2012, at 23.10pm

Let us postulate that this stellar configuration does indeed have something to do with the scandal then breaking. The question then arises, why should this involve Jimmy Savile in particular? And not some other seedy character with skeletons in the living room? For this I calculated Jimmy’s birth chart, and then looked at the transits made therewith by the chart for 3rd October 2012.

Outer ring: planets as at 3rd October 2012, 23.10pm.
Inner ring: natal chart of Jimmy Savile, 31st October 1929, Leeds (birth-time approximated).

As you can see, the four planets of the Grand Cross were transitting his natal Neptune. Venus – conjunction; Neptune – opposition; Mars (and Caput Draconis), as well as the Moon on the other side – both Square.

It is interesting also to note Savile would have been experiencing a “Uranus Return” – and the Sun was in opposition to both the natal and transiting planets. I notice that one commentary about natal Uranus opposite transiting sun is you will do things that may alienate people. So all in all, it seems quite natural for these revelations to have come out when they did.

Finally, it is worth noting that this was a deceased man we are talking about – yet the stars still seemed to be affecting him! An argument if ever there was one for leading a good moral life while alive, as dying is not necessarily a means of escape. As a wise man (I believe it was Lemmy from Motorhead) once said: your bones will turn to dust, your possessions will be taken by other people, your money will pass back into the system,  but your reputation is the only thing you leave in this world which will still belong to you after your death.


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  1. What was that old saying again? “It is written in the stars!” I see some truth in that, and your post is fascinating thanks!

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