The Curious Case of the Glastonbury Skeletons

A skeleton in the High Street – from “Glastonbury People”

News today that skeletons have been appearing on the streets of Glastonbury! I.e. in the form of graffiti. It is an utter mystery why they got there. Which is as much to say that I just had a quick squizz at Banksy’s website and he’s not admitting responsibility … yet.

Anywow, assuming that it is one of the denizens who either lives in or regularly visits Glastonbury, it occurs to me that there is a good chance that I am already “friends” on Facebook/Twitter/etc with the perpetrator! If so, feel free to drop me a private message fessing up. 🙂


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3 responses to “The Curious Case of the Glastonbury Skeletons

  1. wasn’t me… I live in Oxford… BUT… I wonder what the symbolism is meant to mean… hmmm…..?

    • Well it was Cinco De Mayo a week ago … perhaps there were some Mexicans in Glastonbury? Then again, there are tons of initiatic traditions which use Death-symbolism, so it could quite literally be anyone. 🙂

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