Damon Albarn stages Enochian Opera!

Damon Albarn

Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, ex-Blur) has previously composed an operatic version of Monkey: Journey to the West in 2008. Now he has revealed his new project – “Doctor Dee” which is based on the life of John Dee, the celebrated Elizabethan Mathematician, bibliophile – and Occultist.

Dr John Dee was famous in his lifetime for assembling the largest private collection of manuscripts in Europe in his house at Mortlake in Surrey, for inventing the idea of the “British Empire” and even for teaching Queen Elizabeth I the rudiments of Alchemy. However he became notorious for his Spirit communications – which are the basis of Enochian Magic today.

Doctor John Dee

Said Albarn:

“It’s just amazing how much colour there is in his ideas. Just imagine the English now if we had kept that spirit in our hearts.”

The opera is being staged (in English) at the Palace Theatre in Manchester on July 1st.


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