Your Mind Has Its Own Healing Power

You have the power to heal your body with your mind, or mentally improve your body’s natural healing mechanisms through willed effort. Your mental healing power is so effective you can react to a placebo positively, even whilst knowing it is a placebo. This is the conclusion drawn by scientists from Harvard Medical School.

Now I can hallucinate what all the millions of spiritual healers from various traditions are saying as they read the above paragraph: “But Alex, we already knew that!”  Yes indeed – this is just another case of scientists finally catching up with us and daring to suggest that there is a basis in science for what spiritual healers have been saying for centuries. I did a review of spiritual healing techniques in a previous blog post. Since then my own observations would seem to indicate that such practices continue to be effective – although I cannot say that I have observed an unequivocal miracle … yet.

Spiritual and magickal healing undoubtedly has the power to produce an immediate sense of increase in wellbeing. I have personally observed this in a number of healing rituals in which I have participated, in which recipients who were present as the ritual progressed reported a sudden benevolent feeling as energy was directed towards them.

I have also tried distant healing, although I recognise that none of the circumstances were in controlled double-blinded conditions. I have seen it happen on many occasions where a healing ritual was done for a person known to be ill, who later turned up in person reporting to feel better. I have written about two occasions previously (here and here), although in both of these the patients had loads of other people praying for them at the same time. Distant healing therefore is the next big objective for scientists to prove.

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