But What Occult Book Was Rihanna Reading?

Rihanna, Occult Temptress

Your up to the minute commentator on almost all things pop music has heard news that Rihanna is apparently into The Occult. Apparently the hospitality rider for her latest gig said that backstage must be all decked out in black, with black candles everywhere (always a give away!). But most tellingly of all she was actually seen (apparently) reading a book on the occult. However – no news report says what it was.

So, I am asking you, the readers of my blog to please supply the answer should you know. I am curious to know just how bad the Good Girl Gone Bad has really gone.


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3 responses to “But What Occult Book Was Rihanna Reading?

  1. Laiala

    It was by an author whose last name is Crowley, our company supplies gaffers for the shoot.

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