Goodbye Geocities website / Hello Blog

Geocities is apparently closing later this year, which is a bit of a bind as I was using it for my website, the “Hermetic Order of Sol Ascendans.” (NB: this is not so much an Order as a set of principles). This being the case I shall be attempting to find some place else to host such of my work as I believe worthy of saving.

Many of my favourite essays are still archived by the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. Apparently people still come up to me and tell me they like the one about The Bornless Ritual, and “Can A O Spare Sigils Be Used In Golden Dawn Magick?”

My essay on Lucid Dreaming I am currently in the process of substantially re-writing. For the rest of the stuff, I shall attempt to find some other host or what-have-you.

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  1. Alex Sumner

    Update on this: I am currently transferring my old site to hosting on webring. There will be brand new photos as well.

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