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Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Time is running out. Everything’s coming to an end. I am not just talking about the end of life on earth in December 2012, I’m talking about the whole Universe!

Before you panic, however, you should bear in mind two things. Firstly I am referring to events which will take place billions of years after this planet has ceased to exist. Secondly this is all to do with a science story reported in the Daily Telegraph, so it is probably a load of bollocks anyway. No, apparently, an alternate theory of why the universe is expanding at an increasing rate has been put forward. “Dark matter” may not exist after all! Instead, the dimension of Time itself will apparently come to a stop.

This may not be so bad as it sounds. If the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn can come through for us and grant us the power of time travel, we may yet be able to enjoy a Billy-Pilgrim-like existence within the time we have, but applicable to the whole Universe as opposed to the life of just one individual.


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