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Ode To Mo Farah On His Winning His Second Gold at the 2012 Olympics

Mo Farah, Double-Olympic Champion and subject of bad poetry.

Yo, Mo!
You got the flow, bro’!
You ain’t no slow-joe,
And you don’t think “Whoa! Whoa!”
‘Cause that’d be a no-no!
And Seb Coe would be onto Bo-Jo
Saying “How wrong did we go, y’know?”
And Bo-Jo would say to Coe: “Coe!
I don’t really know, fo’ sho’!”
Instead, Mo’s a pro!
And it only goes to show
That the crowd say: Bo! Yo!
Go Mo, Go Mo, Go!
Go, go!

Alex Sumner, age 393/4.


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