Twenty Two Holy Names

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Updated 2013.

Kenneth Mackenzie in his book Royal Masonic Cyclopaedia alludes to the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet being the initial letters of twenty two names of God – except that he does not give a full list. The whole twenty two however, are employed in a certain ritual of the Elus Cohens. This ritual had been described by Robert Ambelain and translated & made freely available by one Piers Vaughan … until Ambelain’s French publishers forced him to pull the book from the website in question. Luckily though, some of us downloaded all of Piers’ translations before this happened. 😉

Hebrew Letter (Nearest) English equivalent Hebrew Name Spelling Meaning
Hebrew English
a A Eheieh hyha AHIH I will be
b B Bechour rwjb BChVR Chosen
g G Gadol lwdg GDVL Great
d D Dagoul lwgd DGVL Well Know
h H Hadar rdh HDR Magnificent
w V Vetzo yxw VTzAa Splendorous
z Z Zakai ykz ZKI Pure
j Ch Chesed dsj ChSD Merciful
f T Tahor rwhf THWR Spotless
y I Yah hy IH Divine
k K Kabir rybk KBIR Powerful
l L Limud dml LMD Knowing
m M Meborak ]rwbm MBVRK Praiseworthy
n N Nora arwn NVRA Formidable
s S Somekh ]ms SMK Firm (or) Supporting
u Aa Aeziz zyzu AaZIZ Strong
p P Phodeh hdwp PVDH Redeemer
x Tz Tzedeq qdx TzDQ Righteous
q Q Qadosh cwdq QDVSh Holiness
r R Radah hdr RDH Commanding
c Sh Shaddai ydc ShDI Almighty
t Th Tonugah hgwnut ThAaNVGH Favourable