The NOALMR Working

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This is the account of how I systematically investigated all the squares in the Air Lesser Angle of the Southern (Fire) Watchtower, i.e. the thirty squares in the top-left corner of the bottom-right Watchtower, which corresponds to the Invoking deity name of NOALMR / noalmr (pronounced “No-alme-re”) and the Controlling Deity name of OLOAG / OLOAG(“Olo-ag”). I should point out right from the start that this is unashamedly from the point of view of the Golden Dawn style of Enochian Magick, where each square in the Watchtowers is seen as a combination of forces – corresponding to a pyramid. The four sides of each pyramid are variously attributed to elemental, Sephirotic, Tarot, Astrological, Geomantic etc forces, whilst the apex is a letter of the Enochian alphabet, which is the throne of an Egyptian God-form. For a full explanation, see, e.g., “The Golden Dawn” (Regardie) or “Golden Dawn Enochian Magick” (Zalewski).Without marking all of the attributions on the pyramids, the Lesser Angle in question looks like this:

Air of Fire

The Air Lesser Angle of the Fire Tablet

According to the G.’.D.’. attribution of the Enochian Calls, all the squares of this Angle are “activated” by the 6th and 16th Calls, as follows (typed out phonetically according to the G.’.D.’. pronunciation):

The Sixth Call (Fire)

Gahe sa diu cahis EM, micalzodo pilzodin: sobam el hareg mi-re babalon, od obloc samvelag; dalugare malpereg a-re caosgi, od a-ca-a-em canal sobol zodare af beliared caosgi, od cahisa neta-ab od miam ta viv od da. Da-resa-re solpe-te-he be-en – berita od zodacam gi-macalzoda: sobol a-te-he terian luia he od ecarin Mad qo-a-a-on.

(Translation: The spirits of the fourth angle are nine, mighty in the firmament of waters: whom the First hath planted a torment to the wicked and a garland to the Righteous; giving unto them fiery darts to vanne the Earth, and 7-6-9-9 continual workmen, whose courses visit with comfort the Earth, and they are in government and continuance as the Second and Third. Wherefore, harken unto my voice – I have talked of you and moved you in power and presence: whose works shall be a song of honour and the praise of God in your creation.)

The Sixteenth Call (Air of Fire)

Ilas viv ialperet, salman balat, das a caro-odzodi busid od beliorax balit, das insi Caosgi lusdan EMOD, das om od taliob: Darilapa gehe ilas Mad zodilodarep. Zodacare od zodameran, odo cicale qo-a-a, zodorege lap zodiredo noco Mad, ho-atehe I-a-ida.

(Translation: O thou Second flame, the house of justice, whose beginning is in glory and comforts the just, who works upon the Earth with feet 7633, which understand and separate creatures: Great are thou in the God of Conquest. Move and show yourselves, open the mysteries of your creation, be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.)

Now it occurred to me before starting to skry into any of the squares of this Lesser Angle that I should also skry into the letters “B” and “I” of BITOM / BITOM in the Tablet of Union:

B and I of Bitom

B and I of BITOM in the Tablet of Union

This is because these letters are, in this particular lesser angle, prefixed to the names of the kerubs and angels of the servient squares respectively, to form the names of archangelic forces. I had previously worked out a theory the qualities of the various angels would depend on the properties of the squares which make up their names. Hence, in order to fully consider all the angels associated with a given Lesser Angle, one would have to take into account the relevant letters from the Tablet of Union as well.

“I” of BITOM is activated by two Enochian calls: the 1st and 6th, whilst the “B” of BITOM is activated by three: 1st, 2nd and 6th.

The First Call (Spirit / The Tablet of Union)

Ol sonuf voresag goho Iad balat lonsahe calzod vonupeho: sobera zod-ol rore i ta nazodpes od gira-a ta malpereg: da hol-qo qo-a-a notaho-a zodimzod, od comemahe ta noblohe zodien: Soba tahil ginonup perege aladi: das varebes obolehe gi resam: casarem ohorela taba pire: das zodonurenusig cab erem Iadnahe. Pilahe farezodem zodnurezoda adana gono iadpil das hom od tohe: Soba ipam lu ipamis: das loholo vep zodomed po-amal od bogpa a-a-i ta piap piamol od va-o-an. Zodacare e ca od zodameran: odo cicale qo-a-a. Zodorege lap zodiredo noco Mad, ho-atehe Iaida.

(Translation: I reign over you saith the God of Justice, in power exalted above a firmament of wrath: in whose hands the sun is as a sword, and the moon as a thorough-thrusting fire: who measureth your garments in the midst of my vestures, and trussed you together as the palms of my hands: whose seat I garnished with the fire of gathering: who beautified your garments with admiration: to whom I made a law to govern the Holy ones: Who delivered you a rod with the Ark of Knowledge. Moreover ye lifted up your voices and swore obedience and faith to Him that liveth and triumpheth: whose beginning is not nor end cannot be: which shineth as a flame in the midst of your palace and reigneth amongst you as the balance of righteousness and truth. Move therefore, and show yourselves. Open the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly unto me for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.)

The Second Call (Spirit of Spirit / “Ehanub” / EHNB )

Adagit vapa-ahe zodonug om fa-a-ip salad vi-I-Va-La sobam i-al-pereg i-zoda-zodazod pi-adepehe: Casarema aberameg ta talaho paracaleda qo ta loresilaqo turebes o-oge balatohe. Givi cahis lusid oreri od micalap cahis bi-a ozodonugon. Lap no-an tarof cores ta ge O Qo Manin Ia-Idon. Torezodu, gohe La. Zodacare e ca ca noqo-od. Zodameran micalzodo od ozodazodem varelap lap zodire I-o-I-ad.

(Translation: Can the Wings of the Winds understand your voices of wonder O you the Second of the First whom the burning flames have framed with the depth of my jaws: Whom I have prepared as cups for a Wedding or as the flowers in their beauty for the Chamber of the Righteous. Stronger are your feet than the barren stone and mighter are your voices than the manifold winds. For ye are become a building such as is not save in the mind of the All-powerful. Arise, saith the First. Move therefore unto thy servants. Show yourselves in power and make me a strong seer of things, for I am of Him that liveth forever.)

Skrying: My Method

The preparation and skrying into the thirty squares followed a
regular pattern, to wit:

  1. I perform the Middle Pillar Ritual.
  2. I perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram and the Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
  3. The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram.
  4. Turning to the South, I make the Philosophus (i.e. Fire) sign and recite the 6th Call. In my personal magickal work I have found that in dealing with Enochian Magick it is best to recite the calls, off by heart, in the original Enochian – whilst being aware of the literal translation and the effect it is meant to have.
  5. Likewise, still facing South but this time making the Theoricus (i.e. Air) sign, I recite the 16th call in a similar
  6. I contemplate an invocation to the Divine Names who rule over the squares, to wit: Edalperena-a ( edlprnaa), the King of the Fire Tablet; O-ipe Te-a-a Pedoce ( oip teaa pdoce), the three Secret Names of God borne on the banner of the King; No-alme-re ( noalmr), the Divine Name by which the squares of that Angle are Invoked; and
    Olo-ag ( oloag), the Name by which they are controlled. The gist of this invocation was that by the power of my Holy Guardian Angel, by the power of the rites performed thus far, by the power of the 6th and 16th calls, by the power of these Holy Names, and by the power of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth, may a ray be projected from (name of square) into my Shewstone so that by skring therein I may discover true knowledge for my own good and the good of the Universe in general.
  7. I then place my Sigillum Dei Aemeth in an appropriate position, with the “Shewstone” atop the centre thereof. My Shewstone is a small moon-stone – I use that because: first, the deity name at the centre of the Sigillum Dei Aemeth is “Levanah”, a lunar deity; second, I note from “777” that Clairvoyance is the magical power associated with the 13th Path of the Sepher Yetzirah – which is also connected with Gimel, and the Moon in astrology – a moon-stone is the mineral connected therewith.
  8. I settle down to meditate, in padmasana, and project my consciousness inside the Shewstone. By concentrating on my inner vision, I attempt to discern the square in question. Going there I evoke the relevant Egyptian god-form, and test it by the Fire and Air signs, and the relevant Enochian Names. Assuming all goes well, I ask it to send down the Light into the square.
  9. Sometimes I discuss the significances of the square in a general manner with this Egyptian God.
  10. I would venture inside the square, and again making the signs and vibrating the names, would call upon the Sphinx – which is the manifestation of the Light within the square, and an appropriate guide. I test everything that appears as appropriate.
  11. What I see inside the pyramid varies from square to square – it might be a landscape, or a structure, temple or building – it might be a magical realm not related to any location or indeed any thing on earth. I would seek to discover what the square means – if there is a message associated with it. This would usually be by holding a conversation with the guide as it showed me around the place.
  12. Among the questions I usually ask in skrying into a square are: why is it appropriate that that particular Egyptian God rules over this square? What is the specific meaning of the Tarot/ geomantic/ astrological/ Qabalistic/ etc symbolism as it applies to this square? The Clavicula Tabularum Enochi says such-and-such – how is that relevant in the present situation? What part does this square play in relation to the Angelic or Divine name of which it is a part? What function does it perform in evocatory magic? Why am I witnessing the various visions that I am presently seeing?
  13. But most importantly, I ask: what is the difference between what this square means to me and my karma, and to the Universe generally?
  14. When I finish getting all the information that I seem likely to get, I thank the guide, the Sphinx and the Egyptian God, and leave – finding my way back to crystal I project my consciousness out of it.
  15. I finish with a license to depart, in the names of O-ipe Te-a-a Pedoce and Olo-ag. I then return to my body and back to normal consciousness.
  16. I immediately write everything up in an appendix to my magickal diary.

Regarding the two squares of the Tablet of Union, the procedure is generally the same – save that I make different Enochian calls: B, 1st, 2nd and 6th; I, 1st and 6th. I also use different signs – the Rending of the Veil (Spirit Active); and the Fire Sign. For B of BITOM I used the LVX signs as well – I thought this appropriate as I was going to meet Osiris.

Analysis of the Specific Enochian Names


The Divine Names are formed from the Sephirotic Cross: No-alme-re, from Kether, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth; and Olo-ag, from Binah, Geburah, Tiphereth, Chesed and Chokmah. Generally, the Kether square (N of No-alme-re) has the function of an invoking whorl for the rest of the name No-alme-re – which itself is the invoking name for the rest of the lesser angle – and the Tiphereth square (O of No-almee-re / 2nd O of Olo-ag) corresponds to the Hierophantic function of being a source of energy for the temple. The other squares of the Sephirotic Cross provide general information about the nature of the lesser angle, in addition to their usual function in the Tree of Life.

Note that given that it is the Air Lesser Angle of Fire, we are essentially dealing with a fiery version of Yetzirah, the World of Formations.

“No-alme-re” (Noalmr / noalmr) – Invoking Deity
Name. The impression I got when skrying into the 6 squares of this name were that the Angels of this Lesser Angle burn away the detritus of the personality, so as to prevent a psychic catastrophe. When repressed emotions and the trauma of suffering and failure combine with a blind rationalism that is not prepared to admit of forces beyond its ken – the effect can be disastrous. I received a vivid impression of this disaster being like a bush-fire, which is whipped up by Fire and Air.

However, bush-fires are prevented, e.g. in Australia, by creating fire-breaks – burning away weeds, shrubs and the like, which are the natural kindling of the fire when it does spread. The Angels of the Lesser Angle may be called upon to perform a similar function – to burn away the weeds etc growing in a person’s unconscious, and thereby preventing the catastrophe of a nervous breakdown.

“Olo-ag” (Oloag /oloag) – Controlling Deity Name. The 5 squares of Olo-ag give a more specific indication of the function of the Angels of this Lesser Angle – and the extent of the problems that occur ifthey are not put to good use. The purpose of this Lesser Angle is to provide Psychic Healing – mainly from Unbalanced Emotions. Such emotions can cause “astral dissipation”, they can even prove fatal to a person’s Spiritual development. The impression I am given is that were anyone to try to cross the Abyss with such an unbalanced emotional state, they would not make it to the other side. Yikes! The good news is that the Angels of this Lesser Angle can eliminate these unbalanced states, and guard against their return.

It is also possible that the evocation of these Angels might be applicable as a kind of therapy for people suffering from psychological trauma generally – not just initiates.


The Kerubic Squares are the four above the arms of the Sephirotic Cross – Row 1, Columns 1,2,4 and 5. In this Lesser Angle these are D, O, P and A (d l p a). This gives four Kerubs: Dopa Opad, Pado and Adop. These are prefixed with “B” of “BITOM” to form “Archangelic Kerubs”, thus: Bedopa, Bopad, Bepado and Badop.

I received the idea whilst skrying into these squares that the Kerubs are the Guards of the Lesser Angle. This would seem to imply it is appropriate to call on them for protection whilst evoking one of the Angels – that is to say, to protect the integrity of the ceremony itself and of the temple.

What is the significance of the “B” prefix? The “B” is associated with the Ace of Wands, and thereby, the constellation of Draco and Kether. It appeared during my clairvoyant investigations that the act of linking “B” to the Kerubic names is therefore equivalent to linking the influence of the Supernals (i.e. the Higher Self ) to the magical forces which the Kerubs represent.

What then is the practical difference between a Kerub and an “Archangelic Kerub”? The answer I received is that the various prefixes from the Tablet of Union represent Magical Links between the astral world and the physical – or the subjective and the objective. HHence, Opad (e.g.) could describe its functions easily enough if one met it on the astral plane, but in order to manifest any of those functions on the physical one would need to appeal to Bopad as Opad’s superior.

Quite apart from the Guarding role they play, the Kerubs are in charge of what would be the preliminary or preparatory processes in relation to the main function of the Lesser Angle. I.e. This Lesser Angle concerns Psychic Healing, thus the Kerubs have a diagnostic role, as well as the responsibility for removing obstacles which may prevent Psychic Healing at the outset.

In addition to these general considerations, the Kerubs have specific individual purposes:

Dopa / dopa – Cures “Spiritual Blindness”;

Opad / opad – Cures frivolity of thought and calms the physical body, makes patient sensitive to their own Higher genius;

Pado / pado – Promotes courage, eliminates fear;

Adop / adop – Cures ignorance (not the same as Spiritual blindness).

The Angels of the Servient Squares.

These are the 16 remaining squares below the arms of the Sephirotic Cross. They are read in Rows, not columns. Each Row can be made into four Angelic names, in the same manner as the Kerubic squares – e.g. the top-most row of servient squares (Row 3, columns 1, 2, 4 and 5) consists of O, P, M and N, forming the Angels Opemen, Pemeno, Menop and Nopem.

Again, each angel is prefixed by a letter from the Tablet of Union, in this case, the “I” of “BITOM”, to form the name of an Archangel. However, the “I” fulfils a different role to the “B” of “BITOM”: whereas the “B” represents the influence of the Supernals (which are classed together as the Neshamah), the “I” represents the influence of the Ruach or Spirit. The Servient Squares themselves represent the Nephesh or Elemental Self. Hence the combined forces of the letters of the Tablet of Union, the Kerubs and the Angels of the Servient squares represent the Neshamah, Ruach and Nephesh all working in harmony with each other.

I am here given the concept that the prefix for an Archangel of the Servient Squares represents a link between the four Servient Squares themselves, and the Astral Light.

The Angels themselves have quite specific functions, as opposed to the Kerubs whose roles are more abstract. In this Lesser Angle, they have to do with curing or relieving specific situations, to wit:

Row 1 (O P M N)

Opemen / opmn – Cures paranoia and evil traits associated with sexuality. Enables the Magician to control, by the power of his Holy Guardian Angel, goetic spirits so as to rid the patient’s personality of undesirable traits.

Pemeno / pmno – Emotional problems caused by attachment to material goods, e.g. the Pain of Avarice, trauma of bankruptcy, etc. Alternatively, healing emotional problems where a burst of physical strenght is required. NB “Treating the trauma of bankruptcy” refers to the trauma itself – in order to treat the bankruptcy (e.g. by suddenly getting a load of cash) one would have to refer to the Angels of a different Lesser Angle.

Menop / mnop – Courage. Strength. Fortification of Will. Also good for boosting sexual potency.

Nopem / nopm – Empowering the Female OR empowering the Anima. Right sexuality or sexual conduct. Note that Nopem is good for Female Sexuality, whilst Menop represents the Male.

Row 2 (A B S T)

Abesit / abst – Resolves disputes with a female (or Anima). Affirms the power of the Astral to be effective.

Besita / bsta – Cures slavery to ambition, status or work. Enables the patient to integrate Spiritual and professional life.

Sitab / stab – Activating the principle of Fire to work for the Self – rather like Horus fighting on Osiris’ behalf. (NB: A previous skrying mission gave the idea for this as “Victory over Fear”). On another level, has to do with agriculture in parched lands, spring-time cultivation and grain crops.

Tabes / tabs – Cures psychic disturbances and distracting thoughts which cause people not to be able to sustain their success at anything.

Row 3 (S C I O)

Sicio / Scio – Enables one to control the more animalistic parts of ones Nephesh by getting to thoroughly know it. Conquer the fear caused by ignorance through Knowledge. (Previous skrying mission gave: “Combats jealousy and ignorance.”) Also teaches humility.

Ci-os / cios – Herbal Alchemy. Advice on Herbal medicines, especially those to treat emotional problems.

Iosic / iosc – Frees people from Fear of Death, paranoia, sense of being judged, etc.

Osici / osci – Enables the sacrifice of the good in the short term, even if from an “evil” cause, to be turned to the good in the long-term (compare: Osiris was killed by Set, but eventually justice prevailed).

Row 4 (V A S G)

Vasig / vasg– Heals problems to do with Speech – emotional outbursts, poor speech generally. Gives Eloquence.

Asigiva / asgv – Helps patient be intelligent, critical or business like. Gets rid of “slime of personality” which prevents the patient from being same.

Sigiva / sgva – Sigiva reveals a curious way of magickal working in which the story of Noah and Noah’s Ark is a metaphor for initiation: Noah is a Christ-like Redemptor-figure, the Ark is the Self, while the Animals represent facets of the Animal part of the soul, the Nephesh. Note how the only animals to be saved were the ones that bowed down before Noah – i.e. humbled themselves and submitted to his authority. The Flood is an event of great power which destroys the world (i.e. the Ego) – leaving the only creatures able to repopulate the world (i.e. create a new ego) the ones committed to the care of Noah.

Givas / givs – Cures Forgetfulness – both generally, and in the sense that a bad memory damages the psychic faculty.


In Regardie’s “The Golden Dawn” there are some brief quotes from the Clavicula Tabularum Enochi, which purports to describe the functions of the Angels of the various angles. Apparently, the Kerubs of the various Air Angles concern “Knitting together and destruction.” Centrifugal and centripetal forces. Expansive and contractive, etc. Whilst the Angels of the Servient Squares of the same Air angles rule “Elixirs.” Purification from illusions, diseases, sins, etc. by sublimation.

It is tempting to draw a parallel between this idea of “purification from … diseases …” and my own concept of “Psychic Healing”. I confess I did not remember this wording from Regardie’s book when I did my skrying!

Please note that this is meant to be a scholarly document: I invite other Enochian Magicians to either prove or disprove my findings with their own work.