There Is Power In A Union

It is not often that your humble blogmaster has anything good to say about Nazi-propaganda rag, the Daily Mail. However I note today that they have run a story which basically confirms what most people have suspected for a long time, that Telephone Psychics are a con.

Speaking from the viewpoint of someone who aspires to be a reputable tarot reader, the question naturally arises – how can one ever guarantee that any psychic who offers his or her services for money is not a con?

The only possible way, in my opinion, is to institute Professional Standards across the “industry.” In other walks of life, members of a Profession all belong to a Professional Body which has the roles of guaranteeing quality, and administering discipline to members who fall short of the body’s code of conduct. There are actual bodies who do provide certification for professional psychics, thus giving members of those bodies the veneer of respectability.

However, the problem as I see it is that in order to get rid of the scammers, these organisations ought to go further than just providing certification and adopt the role of a Militant Trade Union – e.g. by actively campaigning to block disreputable psychic organisations from trading, and turning current psychic companies into “Closed Shops” so that only Psychics who have been fully accredited can be employed by them.

There is a joke that you never see a poor Lawyer, but also there is another joke that no-one has ever seen a rich Psychic! Why? The lawyer is able to maintain his high fees because he belongs to a profession with a pro-active professional body, whilst the Psychic does not!

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