Golden Dawn Tarot: Set My People Free!

A story I found on another blog:

In Myers v. Raemisch2011 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 40373 (ED WI, April 5, 2011), a Wisconsin federal district court permitted an inmate who is an initiate into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was allowed to move ahead with his suit seeking permission to obtain a particular tarot card deck that was designed exclusively for use by believers of the Golden Dawn, as well the tarot’s companion book. Department of Corrections  rules permitted only a different tarot.

(See:Recent Prisoner Free Exercise Cases).

But the real question is … which Golden Dawn order has a outright crook as one of its members? No sarcastic responses, please. 😉


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6 responses to “Golden Dawn Tarot: Set My People Free!

  1. John

    He’s an inmate and an initiate…… is he doing astral initiations while in prison?

    Dun dun dun dunnnnn…

  2. The local wiccan prison ministry keeps trying to convince me to get involved in their distance mentoring program because I am one of the few ceremonial magicians that they know of in the community. I keep resisting because I am not all that sure that I want to help people who I might very well blackball if they actually applied for membership in my local lodge.

    • I don’t know … Having a troublemaker in the temple is ethically no different from performing a Goetic evocation – although practically speaking, if they start making trouble, a Goetic demon would be easier to banish.

  3. Michael Gerondale

    I am working with Mr. Myers on this case.

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