XX Priests

So the Catholic Church refuses to ordain women, eh? The reason they give being that Jesus only chose men disciples? Well Mr Benedict XVI, let me drop some science for you! The Apostles were consecrated by the Holy Spirit – which came down at Pentecost. On that fateful day in the Upper Room, the occupants did not just number the Apostles, but the women-folk as well. Hence – the women received the Holy Spirit along with the Apostles! This makes them just as much entitled to be priests – nay, bishops even – as men.

See, you don’t have to appeal to modern revisionist feminist thinking to show that the refusal to ordain women priests is wrong: Scripture itself says so!


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3 responses to “XX Priests

  1. I think they know… or the priests I spoke with knew that. They told me it was “tradition”. I guess the RCC feels more comfortable ordaining men because they’ve only ordained men for years and years. Lol, what a reason…. But I wouldn’t care; I didn’t become a nun and I wouldn’t become a priest either, because I wanted boys. I’ll talk to the Holy Spirit on my own time. It’s just too bad for the women who would care enough to be abstinent, I guess.

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