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Coffee Mug of the Month: Aries

Aries Hermetic Qabalistic coffee mug: featuring the sigil of Melchidael, Angel of Aries, according to the teachings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Happy Equinox! The Sun has entered Aries. If it’s your birthday between now and April 20th 2019, then may I be the first to say: “Happy birthday, Pisces!”

You now have the opportunity to celebrate your birthday – or get a present for an Aries in your life, from my Etsy shop. This features the sigil, taken from the Golden Dawn’s rose-cross lamen, of the Angel of this month’s astrological sign (in this case Aries), in the correct Zodiacal colours.

For more details and to order, please follow this link:
ARIES Hermetic qabalistic coffee mug

My Etsy store:

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